Our services:

  • Design and boosting of participation strategies in European Programmes [General Assistance]
  • Comprehensive project management, from the initial idea, consortium building (or joining a consortium) and the preparation of project proposal to the preparation/negotiation of the contract and the technical, administrative and financial management of the project. [Targeted Assistance]

Brief description of the services:


Integral support service for participation in European R&D&I and Territorial Cooperation programmes:

General assistance

EURACTION designs and boost its clients’ participation strategy in European R&D&I and Territorial Cooperation projects through:
  • the development of an action plan to participate in European projects according to their interests, needs and capacities.
  • a continuous monitoring system of opportunities and forums for the development of EU-funded projects and initiatives, whether led by our clients or by another EU organisation.

Targeted assistance

EURACTION provides direct support to its clients for their participation as a leader or partner in specific projects, throughout their lifecycle or in any of its stages (idea, proposal, kick-off, implementation and closure).

Project proposal preparation (leader)

  • Identification of the most appropriate EU Programme to develop the project idea
  • Consortium building
  • Comprehensive planning and support to the preparation and submission of the project proposal
  • Relationship and dialogue with the funding body and/or the consortium

Project proposal preparation (partner)

  • Application as a partner in a project
  • Communication and coordination with the project coordinator
  • Support along the project proposal preparation process
  • Support in the preparation of the budget and the specific documentation to provide for the proposal

Project management

We assist our clients from the contract preparation stage (after the project approval) to the comprehensive management of the project execution and closure, whether as leaders or partners:

  • Representation and/or assistance in all the project coordination and management activities
  • Preparation and/or negotiation of the Consortium Agreement
  • Guidance and preparation of the contract with the funding body.
  • Relationship and dialogue with the funding body and/or the consortium (if any)
  • Comprehensive Project coordination (if leader) and coordination of the client’s specific activities.
  • Reporting and financial management
  • Assistance in the closure of the Project

Training and capacity building on European R&D&I and Territorial Cooperation Programmes

EURACTION offers its clients a customised training and capacity building service in European Programmes, working from the design of the activity and making the required expertise available for each case.

This service, as the rest of the services provided, is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. We can consider activities addressed to both our clients’ staff and groups/associations of organisations with common interests. EURACTION team have extensive training experience in European Programmes and innovation.


Innovation Projects for Territorial Development, Improvement of institutional competitiveness and Innovation management in organisations

EURACTION team has a high specialisation level in the development of RIS projects [Regional Innovation Strategy], mainly in European and Latin American regions, as well as projects for institutional competitiveness improvement and innovation management in organisations. We make this experience available to our clients for the development of projects related to these fields.